Mit Maison du Midi

Til salg

39.650 Euros or 53.100 Euros?

The property costs 2 million euros and is centrally located in Provence. The price is fixed in consultation with local estate agents based on the square meter price of the housing area.

The house is sold in shares with the right to Min. 10 weeks stay a year. There are 2 different shares, but total 50 PCs. That means you will own 1/50 part of the Maison du Midi.

•  25 Shares of 39,650 Euros (apartment for 2 persons)

•  25 Shares of 53,100 Euros (apartment for 4 persons


Total investment is 2.318.550 Euros to the Company (Shares).

The remaining money after the sale will be placed in a limited account for the operation, maintenance and start-up of “My Maison du Midi”.

The house is bought with all furniture/ cutlery /machines etc.,  but there may be some private things that need to be replaced. An apartment must be laid out, the rest is just to move into.